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You don't want to travel with a group, but you would like to have the comfort of an organized trip.

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Tourism has an effect on the country that we visit. It's up to us to keep this effect as positive as possible.

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You want to do more than just travel. You want to do something for the country you are visiting. You want an intercultural experience, while doing something useful.

Peru Peru Volunteering has some options for you.

We have social projects and environmental and animal welfare projects.
• Project animal shelter: we have work for veterinarians, but also for animal lovers who want to improve the lives of the street dogs.
• Project environment revolves around reforestation and informing children and adults about the environment.
• Social projects: help out in a local nursery school or in an after school program.

You stay with a host family, or in the guest house along with other volunteers and Peruvians. You get three meals a day, so you can also learn about the delicious Peruvian kitchen. The staff of Peru Peru Volunteering will also ensure that you get to know the city and its surroundings, both day and night. A complete experience!

Do you already feel the sparks? Then go further to Peru Peru Volunteering for more detailed information.

Do you have an idea for a project? Any idea, write to us and maybe we can help you realize this project...

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